SAAVN- It’s raining music!


Our music destination Saavn, which is now one of the largest distributors of Bollywood and other Indian entertainment in the world, was born back in 2007 and now has a family of 22 million unique-active monthly users!

Here’s how Vinodh Bhat, CEO and Co-founder of Saavn puts forth Indian Spotify’s birth, “We started Saavn in 2006 under the banner of BODVOD networks and had partnered with a couple of media houses, such as Hungama. We initially had a B2B offering and till about 2009, where we partnered with several premier distribution platforms, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, and Verizon FiOS. We did different things during this time. For example, we tried our hand at streaming legal movies when we distributed Bollywood films on Hulu, for online viewers in the USA. Saavn also partnered with YouTube to offer free, legal Bollywood films online for a global audience.

Come 2009, we had shifted our focus to being a destination for Bollywood music. We launched, which was a free music streaming service, with features like playlists. This was a shift from our initial B2B approach to a B2C approach. We re-launched as an independent entity in 2010, with a revamped site and with better features and that is the Saavn that you see today. has over 2 million songs in 77 languages”.

Saavn was introduced to us by an RK starred advertisement and has definitely come a long way. It is not only an app but also a companion in the moods of life. Like Amazon surprised us by it’s new payment feature, we never know what our musical Saavn might come up with!

-Gunai Tarde

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