Tale of three countries – India, Russia and USA.


Today for India, in this 21st century, advancement in defence technology is not an option-it is necessity. The India-Russia S-400 Missiles deal that was announced during 8th BRICS summit in Goa is a staggering success that Indian defence system is about to achieve. This surface to air defence missile system deal is a game changer for Indian army.

S-400 Triumf air defence system is developed by Almaz Central Design Bureau, a Russian company. Under this deal, India will be procuring five new generation Russian S-400 triumf air defence missile systems along with other defence equipments. Apart from it, India also announced to collaborate in making four stealth frigates out of which two frigates will be built in Russia and other two will be constructed at an Indian shipyard with Russian cooperation.  There’s more to this list, it will be also setting up a joint production facility for making two hundred Kamov (Ka – 226T ) helicopters, out of those sixty will be manufactured in Russia and the rest will be produced in India that will ultimately boost the Make in India project.

Features of S-400 triumf :

  1. The S-400 can neutralize the drones as well as ballistic and cruise missiles within a range of  400 kms up to an altitude of 32 kms.
  2. The system is equipped with three different types of missiles and radar capable of tracking up to 300 targets within the range of 600 kms ,creating a layered defence that can engage up to 36 targets simultaneously.
  3. It has a tracking range of 600 km and the ability to hit targets 400 km away at a blistering speed of 17,000 km an hour.

Well, it’s these features that makes S-400 almost invincible leading to an ecstatic interest of Indian defence system towards buying S-400. It’s missiles vigilantly bombarding into enemy aircraft can destroy adversaries interrupting in the Indian soil. It’s success rate of about ninety percent has totally left other countries flabbergasted.

Perhaps, it’s unlike a cake walk for Indian government to sign this deal with U.S.A’s cautionary warning, thus creating a deterrence, which if not taken into consideration might lead to sanctions on India imposed by the USA under CAATSA 2017.The Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) was a law setup by USA in 2017. Russia is already been sanctioned under this act ,which will lead to sanctioning of India, as according to this act any country buying defence equipments from adversaries of USA will be sanctioned too.

Recently,  ‘The Hindu’ had a headline “U. S admiral warned against sanctioning India over Russia defence purchase or given a waiver “ ,seems like the American government had studied the problem to depth as they might loose an important partner in Indian Ocean region to together combat with China, if sanctions are imposed. On the other hand it’s a growing concern for India that it might come under US sanctions related to CAATSA. This might not only hamper the growth of India but also put back India’s progress past seven to eight years . Leading to unabashedly besmirching the robustness of Indian economy and henceforth making it fragile enough for the citizens to sustain for livelihood. Not only this, but China will emerge out to be an undesirable host  stretching it’s arms to an extent to carve new borders.  Well the question that prevails between USA and Indian government is that ;Will the USA impose sanctions on India? Will India be offered a waiver? Will India be firm on it’s missile deal with Russia ?Will there be any changes in the deal?  .All these questions are impossible to answer firmly as they entirely depend on the diplomatic actions of both countries. Somewhere solution might conclude to, that the USA offers waiver to the India and that the India in return makes changes in the deal ,but again this might put both countries in trouble as the USA will be questioned by other countries over it’s partiality to offer waiver to India and not certain countries and hence CAATSA will no longer be enacted or respected ; on the other hand  the only change the India can make in deal is that it won’t sign for 200 Kamov (Ka-226T) helicopters which won’t allow the Make in India project to achieve marvel set up by the policy makers.

APJ Abdul Kalam once said,

“ Unless India stands up to the world, no one will respect us, In this world, fear has no place, only strength respects strength.”

And so, the Indian Government is taking challenging paths so as to make the nation feel the exhilaration of victory. The India-Russia S-400 missiles deal is an alibi for India’s stupendous progress and investment  in defence sector. India’s this move will not only ensure that the power of our nation sounds unimpeachable and unassailable, but will also frame an answer for those who are keeping an evil eye on Indian soil especially Pakistan and China. This deal might be a paradigm for those coming generation in nascent years. The USA’s warning to India for putting sanctions was an insult to the  Indian sovereignty, it was a mere step taken to create deterrence for India’s policy makers. Of course the nation won’t shun away these difficulties but rather think of a strategically diplomatic way to solve it. In the upcoming years India will work hard to ensure that it’s relationship with both the countries, the USA as well as the Russia resonate and move towards progress so as to maintain safety of it’s citizens .

– Kanupriya. V. Shelke

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