Life of Bill Gates

Entrepreneur, businessman and great philanthropist , Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allenfounded built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft, through technological innovation along with its keen business strategies. This lift him to the peak of richness.

Bill Gates and Microsoft

In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed Micro-Soft, a blend of “micro-computer” and “software”. With his awareness for software development and business sense, he led the company from the front. He personally used to write and assemble every necessary source code which he finds to get redefined.

Following the development of software for IBM, between 1979 and 1981 Microsoft’s growth increased tremendously and revenue shot up from $2.5 million to $16 million.
In March 1986, Bill Gates took Microsoft public with an initial public offering (IPO) of $21 per share, making him an instant millionaire at age 31. Gates held 45 percent of the company’s 24.7 million shares, making his stake at that time $234 million on the other hand Microsoft’s $520 million.

Entrepreneur and Businessman

Bill Gates’ intelligence allowed him to be able to see all sides of the software industry—product development and corporate strategy.

Despite the success of Microsoft, Bill Gates never get satisfied on the current success . He developed white-hot drive and competitive spirit. He expected everyone in the company to have the same dedication. His confrontational management style also became legend, as he would challenge employees and their ideas to keep the creative process going.
Outside the company, Bill Gates was crossing several peak feats of a reputation as a ruthless competitor. Gates pushed ahead with the Windows software, improving its operation and expanding its uses. In 1989, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Office, which bundled office productivity applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel into one system that was compatible with all Microsoft products. Microsoft’s new version of Windows sold 100,000 copies in just two weeks. This left Microsoft with a virtual monopoly on operating systems for PCs.

Global impacts of Microsoft
From last 4 decades, Microsoft has been in existence and maintained their empire in Software industries.

  • Microsoft invented the smartphone and tablet

Scratch your head in confusion as much as you want, but this is legitimately true. Microsoft was the first company to highlight the smartphone and tablet. It did so with Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile.

  • Microsoft changed the way we use computers

Computers decades ago were too complicated for the everyday man, but Microsoft went ahead and changed the game by making PCs. Now Microsoft is hoping to change things again with the announcement of HoloLens, a personal holographic computer housed over the eyes.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

In 1994, Bill and Melinda Gates established the William H. Gates Foundation, which was dedicated to supporting education, world health and investment in low-income communities. With Melinda’s influence, Bill had taken an interest in becoming a civic leader in the footsteps of his mother, studying the philanthropic work of American industrial titans and a richest Entrepreneur turns into great Philanthropist

The organisation tackles international and domestic issues. In 2015, Gates spoke out in favour of national Common Core standards in grades K through 12 and charter schools. The foundation announced that it would give its employees a year’s paid leave after the birth or the adoption of a child.

In 2017, the foundation launched first report, on examination of progress made in several important areas related to public health, including child mortality, malnutrition and HIV. At the time, he came to know infectious and chronic disease as the two biggest public health concerns that needed to be addressed over the coming decade.
In April 2018, Gates announced that he was teaming with Google co-founder Larry Page to provide $12 million in funding for a universal flu vaccine.

– Abhishek Mirgude

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