A National level Human Resource managerial competition that lets you drive your own small scale business for a day, while you tackle your competitors to maximise profits. From procurement to strategising a marketing and operations, an HR Manager and his team sets up business from scratch to compete for the title. Winners will be judged by business professionals based on the performance, marketing strategy & profits.


Applying for HR?


Applying for Employee?



Round 1 : HR Selection

This round will deal with the selection of HR managers for interview on the basis of the answers submitted in this form. The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed solely by a professional. The selected HR managers will then be allotted their sectors on the basis of their performance in the HR manager's interview.

Round 2 : Employee Selection.

This round will consist of an interview session wherein all the selected HR managers will build their teams by interviewing the employee applicants. This will be a one day program and all the HR managers will be seated according to the sectors allotted to them. HR managers can promote their individual sectors prior to the employee interviews.

Round 3 : The HiRe Day

This day will be the main event day and all the teams will put up their products/services on display for the customers to purchase. Here will be your chance to showcase your marketing skills, execute your plans and maximize your profits. Mind you, this round may have twists and turns too.

Round 4 : Presentations and Congratulations!

This round will be held on the same day as the main event day. Here you have to create a presentation and pitch your business to the judges. Judging will be done by a panel of professionals on the basis of your skills, strategies, profits and finally your overall execution. And you get to win prizes worth INR 25,000! And the best employee wins the '' Employee of the day'' award.....!