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17th & 18th February 2018!


Entrepreneurship Cell, VJTI, popularly known as E-Cell, is a non-profit student hub run by the enthusiastic students of VJTI. Instated in the year 2006 to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and business acumen among the students, it accelerates the journey from an innovative idea to a commercial success by means of a myriad of competitions, hands-on workshops and one-on-one mentoring. E-Cell VJTI strives to be at the forefront by creating networking and funding opportunities for students startups while grooming and nurturing them. We envision the creation of leaders and visionaries who can disrupt the market space with their ideas.

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Enhance Persona

‚ÄčImprove your personality by polishing your social and professional skills.


Get to know every other person, from seniors to freshers! Business firms and their executives and lot more.

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Stay updated with all the start up ventures!

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The friendly ecosystem makes working easier and engrossing.

Startup VJTI Campaign

The sole purpose of this SVC campaign is to create a start - up ecosystem in the college and encourage students to bring up their ideas and develop them into successful enterprises.
We at E-Cell, VJTI believe that there's a lot of untapped potential amongst our students. We want to bring this potential to the surface and help the students fine tune it. This campaign is targetted towards the innovative minds, achievers, leaders and disrupters of the society fuelled with the passion to create,to build and to start up. A three month accelerator program, SVC takes the students right from the ideation stage till the startup is market ready with the help of the biggies of the entrepreneurial world.

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Ready to start your new venture? Want to join a start-up or still confused? Never mind! Just visit our E-Cell Hub or drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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